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Changing home care for the better.

Welcome to IDG Care Limited

We provide a comprehensive home care / supported living and accommodation service within Uk. We operate from several sites and serve a culturally and socially diverse population.

Who We Support

We offer these key services"

Young people
Mental health care
Autism care
Learning disability care
Respite care
Dementia care
Sensory impairment care
Sit ins and Live in care

Our Values


We’re here for you. Call us at 0345 548 1010 or request an appointment online.

Our Responsibility

Our staff will ensure that accurate information is relayed to service users in a format that you are able to understand, thus allowing to make informed choices as far as is practicable.

Purpose and Vision

Our purpose is to provide excellent, comprehensive, high quality, innovative care / supported living services that value service users, carers, and staff. Our vision is to improve service user’s wellbeing by making a positive difference to people's lives.

Frankie Kao

They have turned my life over a new leaf. I owe these guys at  IDG Care a lot for my body to be able to recover.

Doris Jones

The care I received from IDG Care caregivers was above standard. They went above the standard level of care.

Amy McClure

Your help in this challenging period is greatly appreciated. Our entire family extends our thanks for what IDG Care has done.

Selena Gollet

They have come to me when I felt the most desperate and shed a light on my way. Thank you IDG Care sincerely.

Let Us Assess Your Care Requirements

We carry out free assessments and consultations

At IDG Care Health Care we take the view that all the individuals we support, deserve a high quality and personalised service, which is regular and on time, every time.

We support Care in the Community and the delivery of personalised services because we believe in self-directed support and that everyone should have choices and control over their own lives and to be able to make decisions about their chosen lifestyle, particularly if it means remaining in their own home. Of course we value the care each individual receives from their relatives or others close to them and therefore at IDG Care Health Care is recognising this, we aim to work alongside them and to include them in the service we provide.
Our key objective is to ensure that the independence, privacy and dignity of all individuals we support, is maximised to the full through the comprehensive and established range of high quality personalised care and welfare services we provide, each delivered to meet specific individual needs and choices.
Home Care from caregivers
Supported Living
Call to recieve advice
Call and speak to one of our friendly team who will discuss your care needs.
Request an assessment
Request a home visit where we will provide you with a thorough assessment, deep analysis and detailed plan.
Select your care package
Once agreed, we will start your care package and introduce you to your caregiver as soon as possible.